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Image for A Respectable Ditch: A History of the Trent-Severn Waterway 1833-1920.

A Respectable Ditch: A History of the Trent-Severn Waterway 1833-1920.

By: ANGUS, James T.

Price: $9.00

Publisher: Kingston and Montreal:, McGill-Queen's University Press, (1988).: 1988

Seller ID: BL1313

ISBN: 0773505970

A Social History of Engineering.


Price: $10.00

Publisher: London:, Faber and Faber, (1961).: 1961

Seller ID: BL3110

Richard Trevithick, the engineer and the man.


Price: $125.00

Publisher: Cambridge [UK]:, The University press, 1934.: 1934

Seller ID: BL1588

London Docks 1800-1980; a civil engineering history.

By: GREEVES, Ivan S.

Price: $16.00

Publisher: London:, Thomas Telford, (1980).: 1980

Seller ID: BL2697

ISBN: 0727701142

Coulomb's Memoir on Statics: An Essay in the History of Civil Engineering.

By: HEYMAN, Jacques.

Price: $30.00

Publisher: Cambridge:, Cambridge University Press, 1972.: 1972

Seller ID: BL1813

ISBN: 0521083958

Herbert Hoover: A Register of His Papers in the Hoover Institution Archives. Compiled by Elena S. Danielson and Charles G. Palm.

By: HOOVER, Herbert (1874-1964).

Price: $12.00

Publisher: Stanford, CA:, Hoover Institution Press, Stanford University, (1983).: 1983

Seller ID: BL2296

ISBN: 0817926313

A Century of Electricals, a brief history of the electrical engineers 1884-1984.

By: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Price: $10.00

Publisher: New York:, IEEE Center for the History of Electrical Engineering, 1984.: 1984

Seller ID: BL3428

Great American Bridges and Dams. Foreword by David McCullough.

By: JACKSON, Donald C.

Price: $7.95

Publisher: (Washington, D.C.):, Preservation Press, (1988).: 1988

Seller ID: BL1969

ISBN: 0891331298

The Welland Canals and Their Communities: Engineering, Industrial, and Urban Transformation.

By: JACKSON, John N.

Price: $100.00

Publisher: Toronto ; Buffalo, London:, University of Toronto Press, (1997).: 1997

Seller ID: BL2221

ISBN: 0802009336

Port and Harbour Engineering.

By: JARVIS, Adrian (ed.).

Price: $175.00

Publisher: Aldershot, et al.:, Ashgate, (1998).: 1998

Seller ID: BL2160

ISBN: 0860787559

Civil Engineering Heritage, Eastern and Central New England.

By: LABRUM, E. A. (ed.).

Price: $15.00

Publisher: (London:, Thomas Telford for the Institution of Civil Engineers, 1994).: 1994

Seller ID: BL3800

ISBN: 072771970X

Rise of the New York Skyscraper, 1865-1913.

By: LANDAU, Sarah Bradford & Carl W. CONDIT.

Price: $50.00

Publisher: New Haven and London:, Yale University Press, (1996).: 1996

Seller ID: BL2572

ISBN: 0300064446

John B. Jervis, an American engineering pioneer.

By: LARKIN, F. Daniel.

Price: $45.00

Publisher: Ames, IA:, Iowa State University Press, 1990.: 1990

Seller ID: BL1636

ISBN: 0813803551

Bridges in China, old and new: from the ancient Chaochow Bridge to the modern Nanking Bridge over the Yangtze.

By: MAO, Yisheng [Yi-sheng].

Price: $15.00

Publisher: Peking:, Foreign Languages Press, 1978.: 1978

Seller ID: BL1641

Engineering in American Society, 1850-1875.

By: MERRITT, Raymond H.

Price: $10.00

Publisher: (Lexington):, University Press of Kentucky (1969).: 1969

Seller ID: BL1726

ISBN: 0813111897

International Engineering History and Heritage: Improving Bridges to ASCE's 150th Anniversary. . .Edited by Jerry R. Rogers, Augustine J. Fredrich.

By: National Congress on Civil Engineering History and Heritage.

Price: $95.00

Publisher: Reston:, American Society of Civil Engineers, (2001).: 2001

Seller ID: BL1730

ISBN: 0784405948

Bridging the Years; a Short History of British Civil Engineering.

By: NORRIE, Charles Matthew.

Price: $15.00

Publisher: London:, Edward Arnold, (1956).: 1956

Seller ID: BL3517

Image for French Architects and Engineers in the Age of Enlightenment. Translated by Martin Thom.

French Architects and Engineers in the Age of Enlightenment. Translated by Martin Thom.

By: PICON, Antoine.

Price: $300.00

Publisher: Cambridge:, Cambridge University Press, (1992).: 1992

Seller ID: BL1270

ISBN: 052138253X

Jesse Hartley: dock engineer to the Port of Liverpool, 1824-60.


Price: $5.00

Publisher: [Liverpool]:, Merseyside County Museums, (1980).: 1980

Seller ID: BL1659

ISBN: 0906367050

Landmarks in American Civil Engineering.

By: SCHODEK, Daniel L.

Price: $30.00

Publisher: Cambridge:, MIT Press, (1988).: 1988

Seller ID: BL3241

ISBN: 026219256X