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"The lyochromes: a new group of animal pigments." with: BELLERBY, Charles William. "A rapid test for the diagnosis of pregnancy."

By: ELLINGER, Philipp (1887-1952) & Walter KOSCHARA (1904-1945).

Price: $195.00

Publisher: In:, Nature, CXXXIII, (April 14, 1934 & March 31, 1934).: 1934

Seller ID: M1907

"Vitamin P: flavonols as vitamins." [With:] with: SCHLESINGER, Max (1906-1937). "The Feulgen reaction of the bacteriophage substance."

By: RUSZNYAK, Stephen & Albert SZENT-GYORGYI (1893-1987).

Price: $266.00

Publisher: In:, Nature, CXXXVIII, (July 4, 1936) + (September 19, 1936).: 1936

Seller ID: M2027

"Presence of Cobalt in the Anti-Pernicious AnAemia Factor." (In "Letters to the Editors."). With: PATON, Sir William Drummund MacDonald (b. 1917) & Eleanor ZAIMIS (1915-1982). "Clinical Potentialities of Certain Bisquaternary Salts Causing Neuromuscular and Ganglionic Block."

By: SMITH, E. Lester (b. 1904).

Price: $250.00

Publisher: In: [London]:, Nature: A Weekly Illustrated Journal of Science, CLXII, (July 24, 1948); and In: Nature: A Weekly Illustrated Journal of Science: 1948

Seller ID: M10292