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Benedicti Averanii Florentini in Pisano Lyceo Litterarum Humaniorum Professoris Opera Latina Regiae Celsitudini Cosmi III. Magni Etruriae Ducis dicata.

By: AVERANI, Benedetto (1645-1707).

Price: $325.00

Publisher: Florence:, Typis Regiae Celsitudinis, Sumptibus Cajetani Tartinii & Sanctis Franchii, 1717.: 1717

Seller ID: LV2021

Image for Disputatio de Paullo Gentium Apostolo Contra Thomam Morganum.

Disputatio de Paullo Gentium Apostolo Contra Thomam Morganum.

By: BAUMGARTEN, Siegmund Jakob (1706-1757) & Christian Ernst von WINDHEIM (1722-1766).

Price: $40.00

Publisher: Halae Magdeburgicae (now Halle an der Saale, Germany):, Emanuelis Schneideri, 1745.: 1745

Seller ID: LV1888

An Illustration of the Doctrines of the Christian religion, with respect to Faith and Practice, upon the plan of the Assembly's Shorter Catechism. Comprehending a Complete Body of Divinity.

By: BOSTON, Thomas (ca. 1676-1732).

Price: $50.00

Publisher: Edinburgh:, Printed by Schaw and Pillans, for the Reverend Joseph Johnston, 1796.: 1796

Seller ID: LV1892

[Engraved plate] Acta sanctorum mensis Iulius.

By: Bouttats, Pieter Balthasar (1666-1755/6) (engraver), active in Antwerp and Brussels.

Price: $75.00

Publisher: [Place]:, [date unidentified, ca. (1700-1719)].: 1700

Seller ID: LV1698

The Thirty Nine Articles, and the Constitutions and Canons, of the Church of England; Together with Several Acts of Parliament and Proclamations Concerning Ecclesiastical Matters, That Were Not in the Former Editions, Some Whereof Are to Be Read in Churches. To Which Are Added Several Injunctions of His Majesty to the Clergy of this Kingdom, and the Directions of the Arch-Bishop of Canterbury to the Clergy of His Province.

By: Church of England.

Price: $100.00

Publisher: London:, John Baskett, 1724.: 1724

Seller ID: LV1895

A Sermon, Preached Before His Honor Moses Gill, Esq., Lieutenant-Governor, the Honorable the Council, Senate, and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. May 29, 1799, Being the Day of General Election.

By: COFFIN, Paul (b. 1759).

Price: $30.00

Publisher: Boston:, Young & Minns, 1799.: 1799

Seller ID: LV1896

S. Caecilii Cypriani Opera Recognita & Illustrata a Joanne Fello, Oxoniensi episcopo. Accedunt Annales Cyprianici, sive, Tredecim annorum, quibus S. Cyprianus inter Christianos versatus est, brevis historia chronologice delineata a Joanne Pearsonio, Cestriensi episcopo. Editio tertia cui additae sunt dissertationes Cyprianicae Henrici Dodwelli.

By: CYPRIAN, Saint, Bishop of Carthage [Thascius Caecilius Cyprianus] )(200-258 A.D.).

Price: $500.00

Publisher: Amstelodami,, apud Joannem Ludovicum de Lorme, 1700.: 1700

Seller ID: LV1769

Revelation Examin'd with Candour. Or, a Fair Enquiry into the Sense and Use of the Several Revelations, Expresly Declared, or sufficiently implied, to be given to mankind form the creation, as they are found in the bible. . ... Volume II. Containing Dissertations Upon Some Revelations Subsequent To The Flood: Beginning With The Grant Of Animal Food Made By God To Noah, And Ending With The Command To Abraham To Sacrifice His Son.

By: DELANY, Patrick (1685-1768).

Price: $150.00

Publisher: London:, Printed for C. Rivington, at the Bible and Crown in St. Paul's Church-yard, 1732.: 1732

Seller ID: LV1902

Schola Sacrificiorum Patriarchalium Sacra, Hoc Est, Assertio solidissima, Satisfactionis A Domino Nostro Jesu Christo, Pro Peccatis Totius Mundi, praestitae, in Sacrificiorum veterum typis fundata, . . .. Edito Novissima.

By: FRANZ, Wolfgang (1564-1628).

Price: $200.00

Publisher: Wittebergae:, Balthasar Mevius, 1654.: 1654

Seller ID: LV1906

Pontificiarum Constitutionum in Bullariis Magno, et Romano Contentarum, et Aliunde Desumptarum Epitome, et Secundum Materias Dispositio cum Indigibus Logupletissimis.

By: GUERRA, Aloysius.

Price: $1,850.00

Publisher: Venice:, Heredis Nicolai Pezzana, 1772.: 1772

Seller ID: LV1908

Disputatio Theologica de Domicilio Dei intra Hominem Fidelem. Quam praeside viro Summe Reverendo, Amplissimo, atq. Excellentissimo Dn. Philip Ludovico Hannekenio, SS. Th.D. & ejusdem in illustri hac Universitate Giessensi Prof. Ord. longe lateque celeberrimo. . ..

By: HANNEKEN, Philipp Ludwig (1637-1706) & Friedrich PETSCHKE.

Price: $45.00

Publisher: Gießen, Hesse:, Henningi Mulleri, 1684.: 1684

Seller ID: LV1911

A Sermon Preach'd before both Houses of Parliament, in the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, on Tuesday, July 7, 1713. Being the Day appointed by Her Majesty for a General Thanksgiving for the Peace.

By: HOOPER, George (1640-1727).

Price: $40.00

Publisher: London:, Printed for Robert Knaplock, at the Bishop's Head in St. Paul's Church-Yard, 1713.: 1713

Seller ID: LV1913

A Vindication of the Doctrine of Scripture, and of the Primitive Faith; Concerning the Deity of Christ: In Reply to Dr. Priestley's History of Early Opinions, &c. Vol. II.

By: JAMIESON, John (1759-1838).

Price: $45.00

Publisher: Edinburgh:, Printed by Neill and Company for C. Dilly, 1794.: 1794

Seller ID: LV1914

Schediasma Academicum Excitandae Pietati Civium Nostrorum: in celebrandis Natalitiis I.C. destinatum: Annotationes quasdam ad 2. Petr. 2, 4. [et] Judae 6. exhibens.

By: Justus-Liebig-Universitat Giessen.

Price: $45.00

Publisher: Giessen:, Brauniana, 1776.: 1776

Seller ID: LV1916

[Large engraving] Madonna and Child with St Petronius and St John the Evangelist.

By: LEBLOND, Jean (1635-1709).

Price: $200.00

Publisher: [Paris]:, Le Blond, [n.d., pre-1709].: 1709

Seller ID: LV1703

Des wohlehrwurdigen Josephs Pergmayr . . . Heilige Anmuthungen und Tugendsu?bungen, anmu?thige Betrachtungen und geistliche Gemuthsversammlungen, welche in und ausser . . .

By: PERGMAYR, Joseph (1713-1765); Ignaz STEUR.

Price: $40.00

Publisher: Augsburg:, Ignaz Wagner, 1782.: 1782

Seller ID: LV2140

The Christian's Faith: A Rational Assent. In Answer to a Pamphlet, Entituled, Christianity not founded on Argument, &c.

By: RANDOLPH, Thomas (1701-1783).

Price: $250.00

Publisher: London:, Printed for M. Cooper, 1744, 1745.: 1744

Seller ID: LV1921

De la Maniere d'enseigner et d'etudier les Belles-Lettres, par rapport a l'esprit & au cœur.

By: ROLLIN, Charles (1661-1741).

Price: $68.00

Publisher: Paris:, Freres Etienne, Chez Barrois, 1788.: 1788

Seller ID: LV2153

De Variis Disputandi Methodis Veteris Ecclesiae.

By: ROSLER, Christian Friedrich (1736-1821).

Price: $45.00

Publisher: Tubingen:, Schrammianis, 1784.: 1784

Seller ID: LV2040

. . . Thesaurus Ecclesiasticus, e Patribus Graecis Ordine Alphabetico exhibens exhibens: . . . .

By: SCHWEITZER, Johann Caspar (1620-1684) [alias SUICER].

Price: $1,650.00

Publisher: Amsterdam:, Johann Heinrich Wettstein, 1682.: 1682

Seller ID: LV2161