Impact of Modern Dynamics in Astronomy. Proceedings of the IAU Colloquium 172 held in Namur, Belgium, July 1998.

By: HENRARD, J.; S. FERRAZ-MELLO (editors).

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8vo. x, 466 pp. Hardcover. Fine. Contents [numbers represent pages]: G. CONTOPOULOS, N. VOGLIS and C. EFTHYMIOPOULOS / Chaos in Relativity and Cosmology A. MACIEJEWSKI and M. SZYDLOWSKI / Bianchi Cosmologies as Dynamical Systems; S. FERRAZ-MELLO / Slow and Fast Diffusion in Asteroid-Belt Resonances: A Review A. MORBIDELLI / Origin and Evolution of Near Earth Asteroids B. G. MARSDEN / Small Bodies in the Outer Solar System Cl. FROESCHLE, T. 1. JOPEK and G. B. VALSECCHI /The Use of Geocentric Variables to Search for Meteroid Streams and Their Parents 1. D. HADJIDEMETRIOU / A Symplectic Mapping Model as a Tool to Understand the Dynamics of 211 Resonant Asteroid Motion M. SIDLICHOVSKY / On Stable Chaos in the Asteroid Belt I. V. TUPIKOVA, A. A. VAKHIDOV and M. SOFFEL/Explicit-Semi-Analytical Theory of Asteroid Motion C. BEAUGE, A. LEMAITRE and S. JAN CART / On the Motion of Trapped Particles in the Vicinity of Corotation Centers S. I. IPATOV / Migration of Trans-Neptunian Objects to the Earth E. PILAT-LOHINGER, R. DVORAK and Ch. BURGER / Trojans in Stable Chaotic Motion Stellar Systems IX; S. J. AARSETH / Star Cluster Simulations: the State of the Art 127-137 R. H. MILLER / Dimensionality of Stable and Unstable Directions in the Gravitational N-Body Problem 139-147 H. WOZNIAK and D. PFENNIGER / Distribution of Kolmogorov-Sina'i Entropy in Self-Consistent Models of Barred Galaxies 149-158 D. D. CARPINTERO, J. C. MUZZIO and F. C. WACHLIN / Regular and Chaotic Motion in Globular Clusters 159-168 A. RIAGUAS, A. EUPE and M. LARA / Periodic Orbits around a Massive Straight Segment 169-178 S. PORTEGIES ZWART and K. TAKAHASHI/Escape from a Crisis in Fokker- Planck Models 179-186 HONSHENG ZHAO / Building Galaxy Models with Schwarzschild Method and Spectral Dynamics 187-194; P. CINCOTTA and C. SIMO / Conditional Entropy: a Tool to Explore Phase Space 195-209 N. VOGUS, G. CONTOPOULOS and C. EFTHYMIOPOULOS / Detection of Ordered and Chaotic Motion using the Dynamical Spectra C. EFTHYMIOPOULOS, G. CONTOPOULOS and N. VOGUS / Cantori, 211-220 Islands and Asymptotic Curves in the Stickiness Region 221-230 T. FUKUSHIMA / Parallel/Nector Integration Methods for Dynamical Astronomy 231-241 S. FERRAZ-MELLO / Do Average Hamiltonians Exist? 243-248 YI-SUI SUN and YAN-NING FU / Diffusion Character in Four-Dimensional Volume-Preserving Map 249-258 I. I. SHEVCHENKO / The Separatrix Algorithmic Map: Application to the Spin-Orbit Motion 259-268 J. G. BRYANT / Canonical Variables of the Second Kind and the Reduction of the N-Body Problem 269-280 R. A. BROUCKE / Motion near the Unit Circle in the Three-Body Problem 281-290 S. R. CHESLEY / A Global Analysis of the Generalized Sitnikov Problem 291-302 F. MONDEJAR and A. VIGUERAS / The Hamiltonian Dynamics of the Two Gyrostats Problem 303-312; P. ARTYMOWICZ / Planetary Systems 313-316 1. CHAPRONT, M. CHAPRONT-TOUZE and G. FRANCOU / Complements to Moon's Lunar Libration Theory 317-328 E. BOIS and J. F. GIRARD / Impact of the Quadrupole Moment of the Sun on the Dynamics of the Earth-Moon System 329-338 0.1. SCHEERES / The Effect of e22 on Orbit Energy and Angular Momentum 339-348 P. J. MESSAGE / The Use of Lie Series in the Construction of a Perturba- tion Theory and Some Recent Results in the Theory of the Motion of v Hyperion 349-358; Z. KNEZEVIC and A. MILANI/Higher Order and Iterative Theories to Compute Asteroid Mean Elements 359-360 J. L. HILTON and R. C. STONE / The Asteroid Mass Determination Project at the U.S. Naval Observatory 361-362 M. E. SANSATURIO, A. MILANI, A. LA SPINA and K. MUINONEN / The Asteroid Identification Problem 363-364 D. VOKROULICKY and P. FARINELLA / Interaction of Resonances and Yarkovsky Non-Gravitational Effects in the Asteroid Belt 365-368 A. MILANI and G. B. VALSECCHI / Target Plane Confidence Boundaries: Mathematics of the 1997 XFll Scare 369-370 MURISON / A Dynamical Survey of Inner Solar System Asteroids 371-372 E. DESVOIVRES, J. KLINGER and A. C. LEVASSEUR-REGOURD / Detailed Study of the Dynamics of Fragments of Comet C / 1996 B2 Hyakutake 373-374 Ch. BURGER, E. PILAT-LOHINGER, R. DVORAK and A. CHRISTAKI / Proper Elements and Stability of the Trojan Asteroids 375-376 F. LOPEZ-GARCIA and A. BRUNINI / Dynamical Behaviour of Asteroids in the 4: 1 Resonance 377-378 K. GOZDZIEWSKI and A. 1. MACIEJEWSKI / Perturbations of Small Moons Orbits due to their Rotation: the Model Problem 379-380 D. NESVORNY and A. MORBIDELLI / Mean-Motion Resonances in the Asteroid Belt 381-382 I. I. SHEVCHENKO / On the Critical Phenomena in the Dynamics of Asteroids 383-386 F. ROIG and S. FERRAZ-MELLO / Dynamics of Real Asteroids at the Hecuba Gap 387-388 A. SIMULA. S. FERRAZ-MELLO and C. GIORDANO / Modelling Very- High-Eccentricity Asteroidal Librations with the Andoyer Hamiltonian 389-390; S. TREMAINE / Resonant Relaxation 391-392 GROSB0L and P. A. PATSIS / Periodic Orbits in Three-Armed Galaxies 393-394 V. DE BRUYNE, F. LEEUWIN and H. DEJONGHE / Orbits in a Stackel Approximation 395-396 K. V. JOHNSTON, S. SIGURDSSON and L. HERNQUIST / Measuring Mass Loss Rates from Galactic Satellites 397-398 S. A. CORA, M. M. VERGNE and 1. C. MUZZIO / Effect of Chaotic Orbits on Dynamical Friction 399-400 W. D. HEACOX / Nonparametric Statistical Models of Globular Cluster Dynamics 401-402 F. BANCKEN and E. JEHIN / Orbits of Hipparcos Metal-Poor Stars with Well- Defined Spectroscopic Abundances 403-404 L. G. TAFF and 1. L. HERSHEY / HST-FGS Astrometry of the Low Mass Binary L 722-22 405-407 L. G. KISELEVA and P. P. EGGLETON / Can Combination of 'Kozai effect' and Tidal Friction Produce Close Stellar and Planetary Orbits? 409-410 1. PALACIAN, P. YANGUAS and S. FERRER / Simple Periodic Orbits in Elliptical Galaxies Modelled by Hamiltonians in 1-1-1 Resonances 411-412; P. BIDART and 1. CHAPRONT / Moon's Planetary Perturbations 413-414 T. V. IVANOVA / On the Construction of a Long Term Moon's Theory 415-416 S. BOUQUILLON and J. SOUCHAY / A New Model of Mars Rotation from Pathfinder Data 417 -418 S. CHAMPENOIS / Dynamics of the Mimas-Thetys System 419-424 M. 1. MARTINEZ usa, F. 1. MARCO-CASTILLO and J. A. LOPEZ ORTI / A Necessary Condition to the Simultaneous Correction of Celestial Reference Frames 425-426 A. A. CHRISTOU / Secular Perturbations near Mean Motion Resonances 427-428 N. CALLEGARI Jr, T. YOKOYAMA and E. P. MARINHO / Dynamics of Fictitious Earth Satellites with Possible Past Value of the Ecliptic 429-430 I. STELLMACHER / An Intermediary Periodic Orbit for Hyperion 431-432; G. F. GRONCHI and A. MILANI/Averaging of Earth-Crossing Orbits S. KLIONER and M. SOFFEL / Rotational Motion of Celestial Bodies in the Relativistic Framework 433-434 435-436; S. BREITER and A. A. JACKSON / Lommel Functions in some Drag-Perturbed Problem 437-438 Ch. K. MCCORD and K. R. MEYER / Two Conjectures of G. D. Birkhoff 439-440 J. R. DONNISON / Three-Body Stability Criteria 441-442 M. GUZZO / Nekhoroshev Stability in Quasi-Integrable Degenerate Hamilto- nian Systems 443-444 G. BENETTIN, F. FASSO and M. GUZZO / Nekhoroshev-Stability of L4 and L5 in the Spatial Restricted Problem 445-446 K. TSIGANIS, A. ANASTASIADIS and H. VARVOGLIS / Effective Lyapunov Numbers and Correlation Dimension in a 3-D Hamiltonian System 447-448 1. E. CHAMBERS / A Symplectic Integration Scheme that Allows Close Encounters between Massive Bodies 449-450 A. CELLETTI, G. DELLA PENNA and C. FROESCHLE / Analytical Approx- imation of the Dissipative Standard Map 451-452 F. J. MARCO-CASTILLO, M. J. MARTINEZ USO and J. A. LOPEZ ORTI / Second Order Perturbations of Elliptic Elements with respect to the Initial Ones 453-454; A. APARICIO and L. FLORIA / Zonal Harmonics of the Gravity Field in DEF-variables 455-456 M. A. VASHKOVYAK / On the Stability of Stationary Solutions of the Twice- Averaged Hill's Problem taking into account the Planet Oblateness 457 A. MAKHLOUF and N. DEB BAH / Study of the Normal Variational Equation in an Homogeneous Field of Degree Five 459-460 L. FLORIA / Generalyzed Gylden-Type System in Universal DS-like TR- variables 461-462 A. CORDERO, J. MARTINEZ ALFARO and P. VINDEL / Orbital Structure of the Two Fixed Centres Problem 463-464 A. D. CHERNIN / Chaos in Three-Body Dynamics: Intermittency, Strange Attractor, Kolmogorov-Sinai Entropy 465-466.

Title: Impact of Modern Dynamics in Astronomy. Proceedings of the IAU Colloquium 172 held in Namur, Belgium, July 1998.

Author Name: HENRARD, J.; S. FERRAZ-MELLO (editors).

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