[Engraved plate] Acta sanctorum mensis Iulius.

(365 x 241 mm) Engraved leaf, mounted, by Pieter Balthasar Boultats. This large engraving shows the Acts of the Saints, depicting a female figure seated at the top of the page, being presented volumes labeled by month (January through July). On either side of the unfurled scroll on which the title is printed, are women, The left figure with a star on her forehead is directing the promoting the delivery of the monthly books, the other creating fire with a curved magnifying glass – these figures atop two short columns with the text "Eruditio Antiqua Reduco" and "Veritas Obscrua Revelo". A young cherub and a winged old man (eating paper?) complete the image at the bottom.

Title: [Engraved plate] Acta sanctorum mensis Iulius.

Author Name: Bouttats, Pieter Balthasar (1666-1755/6) (engraver), active in Antwerp and Brussels.

Categories: Religion,

Publisher: [Place]:, [date unidentified, ca. (1700-1719)].: 1700

lbs: 3.00 lbs

Seller ID: LV1698

Keywords: Religion