Historia Cometarum, a Diluvio usque ad praesentem annum vulgaris Epochae a Christo nato 1665. . . . 1666. [With]: Theatri Cometici Exitus de Significatione Cometarum.

By: LUBIENIECKI, Stanislaw (1623-1675).

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Volume two, Parts II & III. Folio. [xii], 464; [3], 78, [6] pp. Collation: [ ]2, (*)4, A4 [i.e. A3-4], B4-3H4, 3I6, 3K4-3M4 ; [ ]2, A-I4, K6. With 2 a full allotment of 23 (of 24) HAND-COLORED PLATES ON COMETS, CONSTELLATIONS, DIAGRAMS OF ORBITS, ETC., INCLUDING 2 HAND-COLORED TITLE-PAGES (copperplate engravings by Bastiaen [Sebastiaan, or Sebastiaen] Stopendael [Stopendaal], 1637-1693/1707?) after M. Scheits, 1 hand-colored portrait of JOANNES ERNESTUS DE RAUTENSTEIN, 2 hand-colored double-page plates, and 21 full-page hand-colored plates, by Stopendaal, Gerardi, Gerritsz and others after M.C. Isenius and others. While the plates are numbered, there is no discernable arrangement if looking at just the numbering sequence [the lowest numbered plate is 60; the highest numbered plate is 88]. LACKS 6 diagrams and the plate associated with the comets of 1664 & 1665 [plate "83"]. With addenda, index of the plates for both volumes I & II, appendix – all at rear. Pages 3/4 torn with considerable loss to lower corner. Original full dark calf [ca. 1668], with gilt fillets and a wreath-like device on both upper and lower covers, all edges gilt and gauffered; neatly rebacked with leather. 7 leaves with faint waterstaining to outer margin (at front), some minor foxing. Inscription on title of the Collegii Neoburgensis … Jesu, 1667. Two plates with minor manuscript notations to the margins, one line manuscript with internal references (at rear). A STUNNING & VERY BEAUTIFUL BOOK. Very good copy. PLATES: 2 double-page: nos. 60, 62; 21 full-page: nos. 62 (facing p.12), 63 (p.26), 64, (p.48), 71, (p.76 – ms. note), 67 (p.104), 70 (p.144), 77 (p.172), 66 (p.226), 85 (p.230), 81, (p.242), 79 (p.302), 79 (p.320), 74 (p.332), 72 (p.338), 70 (p.372), 71 (p.380 – ms. note), 73 (p.383), 68 (p.386), 88 (p.406 [Halley's comet]), 86 (p.412), 77 (p.428). SPECTACULAR HAND-COLORED PLATES, EXTREMELY RARE WITH HAND-COLORING. FIRST EDITION [Parts III & III only], but textually complete in itself. Lubieniecki's encyclopedic treatise on comets contains a history of all known comets observed up to 1665. The first, and largest, part (lacking here) comprised Lubieniecki's correspondence with 40 of the leading astronomers of his time. Lubienietski had enlisted the cooperation of the leading European astronomers in the investigation and survey of the 1664-65 comet. He corresponded with, and printed both sides of the correspondence, with more than forty astronomers including: Petrus van Bruxelles and Ismaël Boulliau, Rautenstein, Hevelius , Kircher, Schott, Bartholinus, Henry Oldenburg, Riccioli, Huyens, Regiomontanus, Voss, Langius, Guericke, Bullialdus, and others. Also in the first volume is the announcement of Geuricke's Experimentum novum Magdeburgicum de vacuo spatio. The correspondents also supplied the author with illustrations on the comet, appearances and courses traversed. The second part (present here) contained a history of all the comets ever recorded in any chronicle or historical work. The third part in on the significance of comets. Halley's Comet is shown during its 1607 apparition (facing p.406), in Ursa Major during late September-October. In another woodcut plate the destructive influence of a fourth century comet is shown (facing p.48). Another plate shows Pegasus, the winged horse (facing p.383). THIS FULLY CONTEMPORARY HAND-COLORED COPY IS ONE OF TWO KNOWN RECORDED COPIES OF LUBIENIECKI FOUND, THIS ONE BOUND AND EMBELLISHED FOR A SPECIAL PATRON. Lalande states, "Contient une vaste erudition". Brown, Basil, Astronomical Atlases, Maps and Charts, p. 44 (1681 edition, "interesting but rather rare work"); Brunet III, 1194;Gascoigne 2310; Graesse, II, 270; Hockey, Thomas, Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers, I, p. 715; Poggengorff, I, 1508; Sotheby-Honeyman 2052; Thorndike, History of Magic and Experimental Science, VIII, p. 336; Warner, The sky explored, p 164; Yeomans, Donald K., Comets; A Chronological History of Observation, Science, Myth, and Folklore, (1991), pp. 69-94, 266. FULL TITLE: Historia Cometarum, a Diluvio usque ad praesentem annum vulgaris Epochae a Christo nato 1665. decurrentem, Una cum Indiculo laetorum & tristium eventuum, Cometarum apparitionem secutorum, In qua simul Synopsis quaedam Universalis Historiae proponitur. Amsterdami, apud Danielem Baccamude, Pro Francisco Cupero [Daniel Baccamude for Francis Cuyper] … 1666. [With]: Theatri Cometici Exitus de Significatione Cometarum. Amsterdam, 1668. MORE DESCRIPTION ON REQUEST. First Edition.

Title: Historia Cometarum, a Diluvio usque ad praesentem annum vulgaris Epochae a Christo nato 1665. . . . 1666. [With]: Theatri Cometici Exitus de Significatione Cometarum.

Author Name: LUBIENIECKI, Stanislaw (1623-1675).

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Publisher: Amsterdam,, 1666-8.: 1666

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