[FOUR WORKS BOUND TOGETHER]: [I] Anatomia Seu interiora Rerum, Cum Animatarum tum Inanimatarum, ope & beneficio exquisitissimorum Microscopiorum Detecta variisque experimentis demonstrate . . . [see titles below].

By: LEEUWENHOEK, Antoni van (1632-1723).

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5 works in one volume. Sm. 4to. [ii], [iv], 3-78; 258; [viii], 124; [viii], 568, [xiv]; [ii], 192, [viii] pp. Page numbers 231-232 repeated in pagination [first section]. Numerous engraved plates (many folding); occasional light foxing. Original vellum backed with quarter calf with elaborate gilt-stamped spine; some wear to joints. [Spine title: "LEEUWENHOCK – OPUSCULA VARIA"]. Bookplates of Pierre Lambert and Pierre Amalric; three rubber-stamps on title (scribbled), final leaf with two additional stamps (not scribbled) Bibliotheca Mellicensis. First or early collected printings of Leeuwenhoek's letters – THE FIRST SYSTEMATIC USE OF THE MICROSCOPE. "To Antonio van Leeuwenhoek, of Delft, belongs the high merit of having been the first to use the microscope systematically and having brought the construction of the simple microscope in his own hands to a high degree of perfection. . . Self-taught and never having attended a university, ignorant of Latin and Greek and of the classical texts, he became one of the greatest and most expert microscopists, thanks to the sagacity of his observations and the perfection of his technique" – Arturo Castiglioni, A History of Medicine . . . pp. 528-529). / "Leeuwenhoek was a mast lens-grinder and, during his lifetime, constructed several hundred microscopes, grinding a new lends for each new investigation which he undertook. / These volumes contain some eighty letters from among several hundred in which Leeuwenhoek communicated the results of his microscopical investigations to the Royal Society in London and which were published in its Philosophical Transactions over many years. Though not a trained scientist and unable to follow up his hundreds of investigations, he opened up avenues of anatomy hitherto unknown and unseen, leading to accurate physiology and, in turn, to accurate therapeutics. One example is use of his perfected microscope by Malpighi . . . to define the ultimate structure of the capillaries, which closed the final link in Harvey's description of the circulation of the blood. Leeuwenhoek first described the individual plant cell, the individual striped muscle cell, spermatozoa, red corpuscles, and the crystalline lens of the eye. These works are richly illustrated with Leeuwenhoek's drawings, which are of fundamental importance to histologic anatomy." – Heirs of Hippocrates 585, 586, 587, 589, 590. / "Van Leeuwenhoek was the first to see protozoa under the microscope. He found microorganisms in the mouth and on the teeth and, for the first time, furnished exact descriptions of the shapes of bacterial clumps and chains as well as of individual bacilli. No one else was to see bacteria again for over a century. He also wrote about the cell nucleus and the structure of spermatozoa, gave the first accurate account of red blood corpuscles, delineated the conformation of the crystalline lens, and discovered the sarcolemma and the striped nature of skeletal muscle. His thorough examination of the capillary circulation which Malpighi had recently touched on briefly with appreciating its significance, completed proof of the blood circulation proposed by Harvey sixty years earlier." – LeFanu-Lilly Library. / "Anatomia Seu interiora Rerum" comes in two states: this is the issue with "Inanimatarum" on the title instead of "Inanimarum". Other points include: "nebeficio" instead of "beneficio". Cf. Dobell 22. / Contains Leeuwenhoek letters: Anatomia seu . . . (1687): 28-31, 34-6, 38, 42-52; Continuatio epistolarum . . . (1689): 53-60; Arcana . . . (1695): 32, 33, 37, 39-41, 61-92; Continuatio Arcanorum . . . (1697): 93-107. / PROVENANCE: Pierre Amalric (1923-1999), born in Velour sur Agouti, France, studied medicine in Toulouse, after the WWII be mentored Professor Calmettes, a well-known ophthalmologist, becoming himself an ophthalmologist and through his career contributed some 670 articles. "His main medical contributions were on choroidal circulation, the treatment of diabetic retinopathy, and a description of the Triangle Syndrome indicating choroidal infarction, which bears his name." – "The Mystery of Heinrich Heine's Neuro-Ocular Disease," Historia Ophthalmologica Internationalis, 2015, 1: pp. 153-164 [published posthumously]. He was a member of l'Academie nationale de medecine, American Academy of Ophthalmology, de l'Academie de Medecine de Rome, Royal College of Ophthalmologists (London). He was also a very important rare book collector, owning a firs edition of Vesalius' Fabrica with hand coloring, etc. / PROVENANCE: Pierre Lambert (1899-1969) was a Parisian bookseller [Catalogue de la librairie Pierre Lambert, Livres anciens et quelques livres modernes, Mars 1927]; he bequeathed his personal collection of Joris-Karl Huysmans to the Bibliotheque de l'Arsenal. He was President de la Societe J-K. Huysmans 1967 through 1969. Also owned the Leeuwenhoek's Opera Omnia . . . Editio Novissima. Leiden: Johannes Arnold Langerak, 1722-1719, sold at Christie's Andras Gedeon sale of April 23, 2008. See: Letheve J., "The donation Pierre Lambert in the Arsenal Library" within Bulletin bibliophile, 1972, pp. 184-188; Andre Billy, "Pierre Lambert," Bulletin de la Societe J.-K. Huysmans, 1969-1970. / Clay & Court, The History of the Microscope, pp. 32-36, 41; Dobell 23, 24, 25, 26; Krivatsy, NLM 6782, 6783, 6787, 6788; LeFanu-Lilly Library, Notable Medical Books 97 [Arcana Naturae Detecta]; Haskell F. Norman 1319, 1317, 1321 – see 1320 note for Anatomia seu interior rerum, 1687 "greatly expanded second edition"; Osler 1020, 1021; Waller 10876, 10882, 10877, 10880; Wellcome III, See: Garrison and Morton 67 and Grolier One Hundred Books Famous in Medicine 37 for an historical inventory of the Leeuwenhoek letter sequence. [FULL TITLE: [FOUR WORKS BOUND TOGETHER]: [I] Anatomia Seu interiora Rerum, Cum Animatarum tum Inanimatarum, ope & beneficio exquisitissimorum Microscopiorum Detecta variisque experimentis demonstrate, una cum discursu & ulteriore dilucidatione Epistolis quibusdam ad Celeberrimum, quod ser[enissi]mi Magnae Britanniae Regis auspicio Londini floret, Philosophorum Collegium, datis comprehensa . . .1687; De Vivis animalculis in lactibus seu semine masculo piscium . . . [issued continuous with previous title] [with II]: Continuatio epistolarum, datarum ad longe Celeberrimam Regiam Societatem Londinensem. 1689; [with III]: Arcana Naturae Detecta . . . Delphis Batavorum, Apud Henricum a Krooneveld, 1695; [with IV]: Continuatio Arcanorum Naturae Detectorum . . . Delphis Batavorum, Apud Henricum a Kroonevelt, 1697.]

Title: [FOUR WORKS BOUND TOGETHER]: [I] Anatomia Seu interiora Rerum, Cum Animatarum tum Inanimatarum, ope & beneficio exquisitissimorum Microscopiorum Detecta variisque experimentis demonstrate . . . [see titles below].

Author Name: LEEUWENHOEK, Antoni van (1632-1723).

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Publisher: Lugduni Batavorum:, Cornelium Boutesteyn, 1687.: 1687

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