"Modern Ideas on Spontaneous Generation."

Offprint from Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Vol. 69, Art 2. 8vo. [255]-376 pp. Figures. Original printed wrappers. Fine. Contains an introduction and series of 11 papers, the result of a conference called Modern Ideas on Spontaneous Generation held by the Section of Biology of the New York Academy of Sciences, in collaboration with Section F of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington, D.C., December 26, 1956. Select papers include but are not limited to: MILLER, Stanley H. "The Formation of Organic Compounds on the Primitive Earth." 260-275 pp. // HARKER, David. "The Structure of Crystalline Proteins." 321-327 pp. // LINDEGREN, Carl C. "The Role of the Gene in Evolution." 338-351 pp. Miller is perhaps most famous for, with Harold Urey, conducting the Miller-Uery experiment, which "simulated the conditions thought at the time to be present on the early Earth, and tested for the occurrence of chemical origins of life. Specifically, the experiment tested Alexander Oparin's and J.B.S. Haldane's hypothesis that conditions on the primitive Earth favored chemical reactions that synthesized organic compounds from inorganic precursors" (Wikip.).

Title: "Modern Ideas on Spontaneous Generation."

Author Name: NIGRELLI, Ross F. [conference chairman and consulting ed.], Stanley L. MILLER (1930-2007), et al.

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Publisher: New York:, New York Academy of Sciences, 1957.: 1957

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