Early Science and Medicine; A Journal for the Study of Science, A Journal for the Study of Science, Technology and Medicine in the Pre-modern Period. Edited by Christoph Luthy. Volume XIV.

By: [MURDOCH, John Emory] LUTHY, Christoph (editor).

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8vo. 439 pp. Occasional figs. Printed wrappers. Very good. SCARCE. Contents: Volume 14, Numbers 1-3, 2009: "Evidence and Interpretation: Studies on Early Science and Medicine in Honor of John E. Murdoch." Newman, William R.; Sylla, Edith Dudley, "Introduction", De Groot, Jean, "Modes of Explanation in the Aristotelian Mechanical Problems," Schiefsky, Mark, "Structures of Argument and Concepts of Force in the Aristotelian Mechanical Problems," Sabra, A.I., "The Simple Ontology of Kalam Atomism: An Outline," Kheirandish, Elaheh, "Footprints of "Experiment" in Early Arabic Optics," McVaugh, Michael, "The "Experience-Based Medicine" of the Thirteenth Century," Raizman-Kedar, Yael, "The Intellect Naturalized: Roger Bacon on the Existence of Corporeal Species within the Intellect," Marrone, Steven P. "Magic and the Physical World in Thirteenth-Century Scholasticism," Thijssen, Johannes M.M.H. "The Debate over the Nature of Motion: John Buridan, Nicole Oresme and Albert of Saxony. With an Edition of John Buridan's Quaestiones super libros Physicorum, secundum ultimam lecturam, Book III, q. 7," Sylla, Edith Dudley, "John Buridan and Critical Realism," Newman, William R., "Late Medieval, Renaissance, and Early Modern, The Significance of 'Chymical Atomism'," Martin, Craig, "Conjecture, Probabilism, and Provisional Knowledge in Renaissance Meteorology," Shank, Michael H., "Setting up Copernicus? Astronomy and Natural Philosophy in Giambattista Capuano da Manfredonia's Expositio on the Sphere," Goddu, Andre, "Copernicus's Mereological Vision of the Universe ," Zhang, Qiong, "From "Dragonology" to Meteorology: Aristotelian Natural Philosophy and the Beginning of the Decline of the Dragon in China," Davenport, Anne A. "Baroque Fire (A Note on Early-Modern Angelology)," Luthy, Christoph; Smets, Alexis, "Words, Lines, Diagrams, Images: Towards a History of Scientific Imagery." / "Early Science and Medicine is a peer-reviewed international quarterly dedicated to the history of science, medicine and technology from the earliest times through to the end of the eighteenth century. The need to treat in a single journal all aspects of scientific activity and thought to the eighteenth century is due to two factors: to the continued importance of ancient sources throughout the Middle Ages and the early modern period, and to the comparably low degree of specialization and the high degree of disciplinary interdependence characterizing the period before the professionalization of science. The journal, which limits itself to the Western, Byzantine and Arabic traditions, is particularly interested in emphasizing these elements of continuity and interconnectedness, and it encourages their diachronic study from a variety of viewpoints, including commented text editions and monographic studies of historical figures and scientific questions or practices. Early Science and Medicine, which contains an extended book review section, has recently also begun to dedicate special feature sections to emerging historiographic fields and methods of research. The main language of the journal is English, although contributions in French and German are also accepted." Christoph Luthy (Ph.D. in the History of Science, Harvard University, 1995) is a Research Fellow of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. He has previously worked at the Dibner Institute (M.I.T., Cambridge, Mass.), the Swiss Institute (Rome), and the Max-Planck-Institut fur Wissenschaftsgeschichte (Berlin). He is particularly interested in early modern matter theory, notably atomism, and the graphic aspects of scientific theories, and has a pronounced weakness for Julius Caesar Scaliger, Giordano Bruno, David Gorlaeus, Daniel Sennert, and Rene Descartes. ISSN: 1383-7427

Title: Early Science and Medicine; A Journal for the Study of Science, A Journal for the Study of Science, Technology and Medicine in the Pre-modern Period. Edited by Christoph Luthy. Volume XIV.

Author Name: [MURDOCH, John Emory] LUTHY, Christoph (editor).

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Publisher: Leiden & Boston:, Brill, 2009.: 2009

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