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1 BALL, M. V Essentials of Bacteriology: Being a Concise and Systematic Introduction to the Study of Micro-Organisms for the Use of Students and Practitioners
Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders 1893 hardcover Second edition. Small 8vo. xiv, 205 pp. Frontis., photo plates, illustrations, figs., index; some pages have water stain to top 
Philadelphia:: W.B. Saunders. 1893. hardcover. Second edition. Small 8vo. xiv, 205 pp. Frontis., photo plates,. illustrations, figs., index; some pages have water stain to top. corner. Blue cloth, gilt-stamped cover and spine titles; cover and. spine lightly soiled and worn. Very good.. 2 
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2 CHANTEMESSE, Andre (1851-1919), & Vladimir Valerianovich PODWYSSOTSKY (b.1957). Les Processus Generaux.
Paris: Masson, 1901, 1905. 1901 
Two volumes. At head of title: Pathologie Generale et Experimentale. Tall 8vo. xiv, 428; 507 pp. 162 + 94 figures (many color), tables, table de matières, bibliography. Quarter red morocco, modern gilt stamped red morocco spine, early marbled boards; rebacked, extremities rubbed. Very good. Crisp and clean. Scarce. First edition. Chantemesse was a pupil of Pasteur and member of the Parliament of the Pasteur Institute who, together with Georges Widal, isolated the dysentery bacillus. These volumes explore the history and study of such topics as gangrene, inoculation, heredity, tumors, regeneration, blood circulation, lymphatics, & fevers with explanations of treatment. An important work in bacteriology and an exhaustive work on pathology. First Edition. 
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3 CROOKSHANK, Edgar M. (1858-1928). A Text-Book of Bacteriology including the etiology and prevention of infective diseases and a short account of yeasts and moulds, haematozoa, and psorosperms.
London: H. K. Lewis, 1896. 
8vo. xxx, 715 pp. 22 plates (all but one colored), 273 figures, index. Original black blind and gilt-stamped cloth; short nick at spine head, upper joint cracked, corner bumped. Bookplate. Scarce. Very good. Scarce. Fourth edition, reconstructed, revised and greatly enlarged. Dedicated to Joseph Lister. Includes a significant section on apparatus and instruments for the bacteriological laboratory. See: Garrison and Morton 2504. 
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[TOTAL: 13 OFFPRINTS] [1] EDGAR, R. S. & W. B. WOOD. Morphogenesis of bacteriophage T4 in extracts of mutant-infected cells. Offprint from: Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci., Vol. 55, No. 3, March 1966. pp. 498-505. [See below or request list for inventory of offprints included]., EDGAR, Robert S.; [with] Richard P. FEYNMAN [no.8].
4 EDGAR, Robert S.; [with] Richard P. FEYNMAN [no.8]. [TOTAL: 13 OFFPRINTS] [1] EDGAR, R. S. & W. B. WOOD. Morphogenesis of bacteriophage T4 in extracts of mutant-infected cells. Offprint from: Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci., Vol. 55, No. 3, March 1966. pp. 498-505. [See below or request list for inventory of offprints included].
[New York]: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 1966. 
Self-wraps. Communicated by Max Delbrück. Fine. Self-wraps. Pencil initials of Norman H. Horowitz. [Various of these papers in in collaboration with] G. H. Denhardt, F. H. Epstein, R. P. Feynman, Leland H. Hartwell, S. Klein, I. Lielausis, C. M. Steinberg, W. B. Wood.]. PIONEER RESEARCH WITH VIRAL T4 BACTERIOPHAGE. Robert [“Bob”] S. Edgar, known for his work with bacteriophage T4, studied under Dr. August H. Doermann at Stanford University, initially went to study the mechanism of recombination in bacteria at the Institut Pasteur, Paris, was later associated with the Dept. of Biology, University of Rochester, NY, University of California-Santa Cruz, and the Division of Biology, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena (thus the Richard Feynman connection). He worked with Norman H. Horowitz, had his own lab, and was a leader in the field of human microbiology and human genetics. He retired ca. 1990. [FULL INVENTORY: [TOTAL: 13 OFFPRINTS] [1] EDGAR, R. S. & W. B. WOOD. Morphogenesis of bacteriophage T4 in extracts of mutant-infected cells. Offprint from: Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci., Vol. 55, No. 3, March 1966. pp. 498-505. Self-wraps. Communicated by Max Delbrück. Fine. [2] EDGAR, R. S. Phenotypic properties of heterozygotes in the bacteriophage T4. Offprint from: Genetics, Vol. 43, No. 2, March 1958. pp. 235-248 Self-wraps. [3] EDGAR, R. S. & C. M. STEINBERG. On the Origin of High Negative Interference over Short Segments of the Genetic Structure of Bacteriophage T4. Offprint from: Virology, Vol. 6, 1958. pp. 115-128. Self-wraps. [4] EDGAR, R. S. Mapping Experiments with rII and h Mutants of Bacteriophage T4D. Offprint from: Virology, Vol. 6, 1958. pp. 215-225. Self-wraps. [5] EDGAR, R. S. & F. H. EPSTEIN. Inactivation by Ultraviolet Light of an Acriflavine-Sensitive Gene Function in Phage T4D. Offprint from: Science, Vol. 134, No. 3475, August 4, 1961. pp. 327-8. Self-wraps. [6] STEINBERG, C. M., & R. S. EDGAR. “On the Absence of High Negative Interference in Triparental Crosses.” Offprint from: Virology, vol. 15, no. 4, 1961. [New York]: Academic Press, 1961. 8vo. 511-512 pp. Single leaf. Fine. [7] HARTWELL, Leland H. An Upper Limit to the Map Distance Separating the Two Cistrons of the rII Region of Bacteriophage T4B. Offprint from: Virology, Vol. 15, No. 4, December 1961. pp. 510-11. Self-wraps. [8] EDGAR, R. S., R. P. FEYNMAN, S. KLEIN, I. LIELAUSIS & C. M. STEINBERG. Mapping experiments with r Mutants of Bacteriophage T4D. Offprint from: Genetics, Vol. 47, No. 2, February 1962. pp. 179-186. Self-wraps. [9] STEINBERG, C. M. & R. S. Edgar. A critical test of a current theory of genetic recombination in bacteriophage. Offprint from: Genetics, Vol. 47, No. 2, February 1962. pp. 187-208. Self-wraps. [10] EDGAR, R. S., G. H. DENHARDT & R. H. EPSTEIN. A comparative genetic study of conditional lethal mutations of bacteriophage T4D. Offprint from: Genetics, Vol. 49, No. 4, April 1964. pp. 635-648. Self-wraps. [11] EDGAR, R. S. & I. LIELAUSIS. Temperature-sensitive mutants of bacteriophage T4D: Their isolation and genetic characterization. Offprint from: Genetics, Vol. 49, No. 4, April 1964. pp. 649-662. Self-wraps. [12] EDGAR, R. S. & R. H. EPSTEIN. Conditional lethal mutations in bacteriophage T. Offprint from: Genetics Today, Proc. of the XI Int’l. Congr. of Genetics, 1964. Self-wraps. Ink initials of Norman H. Horowitz. [13] EDGAR, R. S. The Bacteriophage Chromosome. Offprint from: the National Cancer Institute Monograph No. 18, Genes and Chromosomes, 1965. pp. 67-77.]. 
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5 FROBISHER, Martin, Jr. Fundamentals of Bacteriology.
Philadelphia: W. B. Saunders, 1937. 1937 
8vo. 474 pp. 230 figs., index. Foldout of a data chart. Gilt-stamped maroon cloth; rear hinge cracked. Light penciling throughout. Ownership signature of Anita Steinberg. 
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6 GRAINGER, Thomas H., Jr. (1924-2000). A Guide to the History of Bacteriology.
New York: Ronald Press, (1958). 1958 
Series: Chronica Botanica: An International Biological and Agricultural Series, No. 18. 8vo. xi, 210 pp. Index; offsetting to from dust-jacket. Blue cloth, gilt-stamped spine, dust-jacket; extremities slightly rubbed, top jacket edges lightly chipped. Bookplate of the Elie Metchnikoff Memorial Library. Very good. FIRST EDITION of this “selective annotated bibliography” (Garrison & Morton 2581.1). The work includes sections on medical, dental, dairy, food, industrial, insect, and water biology, among others. The literature cited covers general bacteriology, the history of bacteriology, and relevant biographical materials including brief biographies of 90 important bacteriologists. First Edition. 
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7 KLUDAS, Martin & Else BIERKOWSKI. "Kulturelles Verhalten und VirulenzprUfung eines Streptokokkenstammes."
Offprint from: Zentralblatt fUr Bakteriologie, Parasitenkunde, Infektionskrankheiten und Hygiene, (1956). 1956 
234 x 165 mm. 8vo. (233)-241 pp. 1 color plate, folded. Self-wraps. Ownership inscription on top cover. Very good. 
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8 LĂ–FFLER, Friedrich (1852-1915). Vorlesungen ĂĽber die geschichtlich Entwickelung der Lehre von den Bacterien. Erster Theil bis zum Jahre 1878 [All published].
Leipzig: F.C.W. Vogel, 1887. 1887 
8vo. xii, 252 pp. 37 figs.’ 3 plates. Contemporary marbled boards; spine reinforced, edges worn. Bookplate of John Farquhar Fulton. Very good. FIRST EDITION. Plate I contains 8 mounted photomicrographs, which are original prints from Robert Koch’s 1877 paper Verfahrungen zur Untersuchung, zum Conserviren und Photographiren ber Bacterien [Garrison & Morton 2488, PMM 366a]. Koch’s original paper included 24 photomicrographs. Plates II and III are chromolithographs. The first, and only, history of bacteriology prior to Bulloch’s History of Bacteriology (1938). “German bacteriologist and associate of R. Koch… Loeffler was a most painstaking and accurate bacteriologist and one of the principal names connected with bacteriology. He discovered the diphtheria and glanders bacilli, and worked successfully at the attenuation of pathogenic virus, disinfection, water bacteriology, typhoid of mice… He was a great technician and introduced the method of staining cilia, the preparation of blood serum for diphtheria cultures, and Loeffler’s methylene blue. He recognized the filter-passing character of the virus of foot and mouth disease and spent years trying to effect a cure of it. Loeffler was an excellent teacher, linguist, and writer.” [Bulloch]. PROVENANCE: John Farquhar Fulton (1899-1960), was an American physiologist who was instrumental in establishing the University of Minnesota Medical School. In his early Harvard years, he published works in Acta Zoologica dealing with living blood of Ascidia, the origin of pigment cells, phagocytosis, and the permeability of the corpuscle membrane. Fulton participated in the first clinical trials of penicillin in the United States. As a result of his work, the Yale Historical Library was established to house the hitherto separate collections of Harvey Cushing, John Fulton, and Arnold Carl Klebs. Bulloch, History of bacteriology, p. 381; Garrison & Morton 2579. First Edition. 
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9 LEVINE, Max & H. W. SCHOENLEIN. A Compilation of Culture Media for the cultivation of microorganisms.
Baltimore: Williams & Wilkins, 1930. 1930 
Series: Monographs on Systematic Bacteriology. Thick 8vo. xvi, 969, [4] pp. References, indexes. Blue cloth, gilt spine title; rebacked preserving original cloth covers and spine. Ink stamp of Department of Bacteriology and Experimental Pathology on half-title. Very good. First edition. Probably the most comprehensive encyclopedia of microbiological culture media formulae ever printed. This work contains 2543 formulae for microbiological media with detailed preparation instructions. Before commercial media became available (from Difco and Baltimore Biological) it was necessary for each lab to prepare their own media, for which they were responsible to maintain consistency and repeatability. This book was an indispensable reference for any microbiologist of the early 20th century. First Edition. 
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10 McDERMOTT, Walsh, editor. Conference on airborne infection held in Miami Beach, Florida, December 7-10, 1960.....
(Baltimore: Williams & Wilkins, 1961). Reprinted from Bacteriological Reviews, Vol. 25, No. 3, September 1961. 1961 
260 x 178 mm. 8vo. [viii], 173-382 pp. Figs., tables, index. Gilt-stamped red cloth. Fine. 
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11 MIQUEL, Pierre. Les Organismes Vivant de L’Atmosphčre.
Paris: Gauthier-Villars, 1883. 
8vo. viii, 310 pp. 86 figures, 2 lithographic plates. Quarter blue calf, morocco boards, raised bands; corners showing. Bookplates of Institute of Chemistry of Great Britain and Ireland, and Metchnikoff Memorial Library. Very good. First edition. Miquel: “Made elaborate investigations on the bacteria of air, water, and soil, and became the authority on the subject.” Bulloch, The History of Bacteriology. p. 384. RARE. First Edition. 
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12 MOLLARET, Henri H. L’adenite mesenterique aiguĂ«. A Pasturella pseudo-tuberculosis (Bacile de Malasses et Vignal). A propos de 30 observations. I. - Etude clinique, serologique et bacteriologique. II. - Etude epidemiologique paer Henri H. Mollaret. III. - Etude anatomo-pathologique par P. Destombes et Henri H. Mollaret.
Paris: Masson, (1960). 1960 
Offprint from: La Presse Medicale, No. 36, 39, 40, (1960). 240 x 160 mm. 8vo. 74 pp. 4 tables, 6 figs. Printed wrappers. Very good. 
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OEuvres de Pasteur. Réunies par Pasteur Vallery-Radot...., PASTEUR, Louis (1822-1895).
13 PASTEUR, Louis (1822-1895). OEuvres de Pasteur. Réunies par Pasteur Vallery-Radot....
Paris: Masson et Cie, 1922-1939. 
Seven volumes. Large 8vo. With all the original plates and illustrations, indexes and chronological table; vol. VI with 30 leaves showing TEARS WITH CELLOPHANE TAPE MENDS. Green cloth, gilt spine, original printed wrappers bound in. Very good set. FIRST COLLECTED EDITION. "One of the founders of bacteriology, Pasteur is at the same time one of the greatest figures in the history of medicine. His work on fermentation, the doctrine of spontaneous generation (which he exploded), virus diseases and preventive vaccinations, was fundamental." Garrison and Morton 83. 
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14 STANIER, Roger Yate (1916-1982). Group of 24 offprints. Includes: STANIER, et al. “The Bacterial Oxidation of Aromatic Compounds. I. Adaptive Patterns with Respect to Polyphenolic Compounds. II. The Preparation of Enzymatically Active Dried Cells and the Influence Thereon of Prior Patterns of Adaptation. III. The Enzymatic Oxidation of Catechol and Protocatechuic Acid to ?-Ketoadipic Acid. IV. Studies on the Mechanism of Enzymatic Degradation of Protocatechuic Acid.”
Offprints from: Journal of Bacteriology, vol. 59, no. 4. No place: Journal of Bacteriology, 1950. 1950 
4 papers. 8vo. 117-127; 129-133; 137-151; 527-532 pp. Figs. Printed wrappers. Ownership rubber stamp of Norman Horowitz. FINE. Stanier was a renowned Canadian biologist who studied under C. B. van Niel after taking a PhD at Stanford. He made numerous studies of bacteria and helped create a biological definition of bacteria as a group. For his contributions, he was awarded the Eli Lilly Award of the American Society for Microbiology (1950). Among the co-authors is Melvin Calvin who was awarded the 1961 Nobel Prize for Chemistry. All of the papers bear the rubber stamp of pioneer Caltech geneticist Norman Horowitz. WITH: STANIER, & Melvin CALVIN, et al. “Function of Carotenoids in Photosynthesis.” Offprint from: Nature, vol. 176, 1955. 8vo. 1211-1215 pp. Printed wrappers. Full list available on request. 
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15 WILSON, David. In Search of Penicillin.
New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1976. 1976 0394401085 / 9780394401089 
First edition. 8vo. 298, viii pp. Bibliog., index. Cloth backed boards, dust jacket; jacket extremities slightly rubbed, else fine. ISBN: 0394401085 Dust jacket present. First Edition. 
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16 WILSON, G. S. & A. A. MILES, revisers. Topey and Wilson's Principles of Bacteriology and Immunity.
Baltimore: Williams & Wilkins, 1946. 1946 
Third edition. 8vo. 2 volumes. xi, 970, xliv; viii, 971-2054, xliv pp. 302 figs., 207 tables, bibliog., index. Gilt-stamped green cloth. Ownership signature of Anita Steinberg, 1948. Fine. 
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