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1 ABEL, John J. (1857-1938) Chemistry in relation to biology & medicine with especial reference to insulin & other hormones.
Baltimore: Williams & Wilkins, 1939. 
The Willard Gibbs Lecture. Thin 8vo. 79 pp. Portrait of Abel, 1 fig. Original dark green cloth, gilt-stamped cover title. Fine. LIMITED EDITION of 825 copies. SUCCESSFUL HEMODIALYSIS PROVEN. DSB Vol. I, p.12; cf. Garrison & Morton 1206; Gedeon, Science and technology in medicine, #77.1 (pp. 396-398). 
Price: 20.00 USD
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2 American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists. AATCC Technical Manual, Vols. 52, 54, & 55.
Research Triangle Park, NC: American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, 1976-79. 
3 volumes. Large 8vo. 380; 402; 406 pp. Photographs and illustrations. Gilt-stamped black cloth. Near fine. 
Price: 45.00 USD
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3 ARMITAGE, F. P. A History of Chemistry.
London, New York & Bombay: Longmans, Green & Co., 1906. 
8vo. xx, 266 pp. Foxed. Green cloth, black-stamped cover title, gilt-stamped spine title; extremities rubbed. Ownership signature. Good. 
Price: 18.00 USD
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4 ARRHENIUS, Svante August Chemistry in Modern Life. Translated from the Swedish and revised by Clifford Shattuck Leonard
New York: D. van Nostrand Co. 1925 hardcover 8vo. xvi, 286 pp. Frontis., 11 plates, 20 figs., index. Navy cloth, gilt-stamped cover and spine titles. Embossed exlib stamp on 
New York:: D. van Nostrand Co.. 1925. hardcover. 8vo. xvi, 286 pp. Frontis., 11 plates, 20 figs., index. Navy cloth,. gilt-stamped cover and spine titles. Embossed exlib stamp on ffep.. Fine.. 1 
Price: 45.00 USD
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5 AUSTIN, Gilbert. "Description of an Apparatus for Impregnating Water and Other Substances Strongly with Carbonic Acid Gas. "
In: Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy, vol. VIII. Dublin: Printed by George Bonham, 1802. 
4to. (Article): 131-134 pp. Engraved plate of carbonating instrument. (Whole volume): 525, 79, 12 pp. Various engraved plates including 2 scenes of cairn stones in Armagh, articles; occasional light foxing. Original half calf, marbled boards; lacks spine. AS IS. FIRST EDITION. Essay on a device for carbonating water including an engraved plate of the instrument. First Edition. 
Price: 125.00 USD
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6 AYSCOUGH, Peter B. Electron spin resonance in chemistry.
London: Methuen, (1967). 
FIRST EDITION. 235 x 160 mm. 8vo. xvii, 451 pp. Figs., tables, index. Blue cloth, dust-jacket; jacket re-enforced with cellophane tape, else very good. Ownership rubber stamp. First Edition. 
Price: 25.00 USD
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7 BACKER, H. J. Oude Chemische Werktuigen en Laboratoria van Zosimos tot Boerhaave.
Groningen: Bij. J. B. Wolters', 1918. 
8vo. 68 pp. 51 illus. Original black printed wrappers; spine worn. Early inscription. 
Price: 20.00 USD
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8 BARCLAY, A. Pure Chemistry: A Brief Outline of Its History and Development. Part I. Historical Review.
London: Her Majesty’s Stationery 1962 paperback Third impression, with amendments. 8vo. 72 pp. 14 plates, index. Printed wrappers. Fine. 
London:: Her Majesty’s Stationery. 1962. paperback. Third impression, with amendments. 8vo. 72 pp. 14 plates, index.. Printed wrappers. Fine.. 1 
Price: 10.00 USD
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9 BARNETT, E. De Barry. Anthracene and anthraquinone.
New York: D. Van Nostrand Co., 1921. 
8vo. x, 436 pp. Aberrant copy; pp. 129-144 omitted, pp. 145-160 in duplicate. Navy cloth, gilt-stamped spine title. Embossed stamp of John M. Andreas. As is. 
Price: 10.00 USD
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10 Bastiansen, Otto (editor). The Law of Mass Action; A centenary volume 1864-1964.
Oslo: Universitetsforlaget, 1964. 
Series: Det Norske Videnskaps-Akademi. 8vo. 194 pp. Figs. Pale green printed wrappers; creased. Good +. Contents: Introduction, by O. Bastiansen.--A facsimile of the original paper of Cato Maximilian Guldberg and Peter Waage, presented by Waage at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters on March the 11th 1864 [entitled: Studier over affiniteten, in Norwegian]--Cato Maximilian Guldberg and Peter Waage, by H. Haraldsen.--Guldberg and Waage and the law of mass action, by E.W. Lund and O. Hassel.--Some features of chemical kinetics, by J.A. Christiansen.--An invesitgation of slow and rapid coagulation of hydrosols by means of a flow ultramicroscope, by B.V. Derjaguin and M. Koudryavtseva.--Guldberg and Waage's law in the gravitational field, by H. Wergeland.--Steady states and variational principles, by I. Prigogine.--Absolute reaction rate theory and the law of mass action, by H. Eyring and S.H. Lin.--Application of the mass-action law on ionic equilibria in fused salt mixtures, by J. Toguri, H. Flood and T. Førland.--The energy of transargononic bonds, by L. Pauling.--Notes on molecular geometry and chemical reactivity in connection with the B 12 vitamins, by D.C. Hodgkin.--Atomic arrangement in compounds or complexes containing chemical bonds of the charge-transfer type, by O. Hassel.--Plutonium metal, by W.H. Zachariasen. See: DSB, V p. 587; DSB XIV, p. 109. 
Price: 25.00 USD
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11 BERRY, A.J. Henry Cavendish: His Life and Scientific Work.
London: Hutchinson, (1960). 
8vo. 208 pp. Plates, diagrams, glossary, index. Blue cloth, gilt-stamped cover illustration and spine title, dust-jacket. Burndy bookplate. Very good. 
Price: 22.00 USD
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12 BERTHELOT, Pierre Eugène (1827-1907). Introduction a l’Étude de la Chimie des Anciens et du Moyen Age.
(Brussels): (Impression Anastaltique Culture et Civilisation, 1983). 
Facsimile of the Paris edition of 1889. 8vo. [2], xii, 330 pp. Illus., appendix, index. Light tan leatherette, gilt-stamped red spine title. Very good. 
Price: 50.00 USD
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13 BERTHOLLET, Claude Louis. Essai de Statique Chimique. De l'Imprimerie de Demonvile et Soeurs.
A Paris: chez Firmin Didot, Libraire pour les Mathématiques, l'Architecture, la Marine, et les Éditions Stér&eac 
A Paris:: chez Firmin Didot, Libraire pour les Mathématiques, l'Architecture, la Marine, et les Éditions Stéréotypes, 1803.. Two volumes. 8vo. viii, 543; viii, 555, [1] pp. Light foxing, though a very good copy. Modern marbled boards, black morocco spine label, untrimmed, unopened. Blind stamp of Queen's College, Belfast; formerly in the library of T. R. Robinson. First edition of Berthollet's (1748-1822) famous and very important chemical study in which he expressed his fundamental concept of chemical affinity of substances as well as the law of mass action. Berthollet was one of the first to accept Lavoisier's new theories, and he joined him in devising the chemical nomenclature. Berthollet's great service to chemistry was his realization in 1803 that the manner and rate of chemical reactions depend on more than just the attraction of one substance for another. Starting from the same hypothesis as Bergman, that chemical affinity is the same as gravity, he came to the undeniable conclusion that the forces of chemical affinity must be proportional to the masses of the acting substances. This was in direct contradiction to Bergman's assumption that affinity in independent of mass. It was this view that brought Berthollet and Proust into conflict and led to much analytical work. The controversy between them lasted for years, and by 1908 Proust's opinion had prevailed as the law of constant composition became accepted by almost all chemists. Thomas Romney Robinson (1792-1882), Irish astronomer and mathematical physicist, became president of the Royal Irish Academy 1851-56 (first elected in 1816). As a young boy, Robinson showed his brilliance as early as five years of age while composing poetry; a collection of his poems were published when he was fourteen. He gathered a substantial library relating science and natural philosophy, which , evidently was acquired by Queen's College Belfast. Bolton I, p. 307; Cole, Chemical Literature 1700-1860, 122; DSB, II, pp. 73-82; Duveen, p. 75; Gregory, J. C., A Short History of Atomism, pp. 65-67; Interlibrum 305: 199; Partington III, pp. 496-516 + VI, pp. 576-759 pp.; Poggendorff I, 166. First Edition. 
Price: 850.00 USD
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14 BERZELIUS, Jöns Jacob (1779-1848). Théorie des proportions chimiques, et table synoptique des poids atomiques des corps simples, et de leurs combinaisons les plus importantes.
Paris: Firmin Didot and J.-B. Baillière, 1835. 
8vo. [iv], 477, [1 blank] pp. Tables; preliminaries foxed. Contemporary quarter calf, marbled boards, gilt spine; rubbed. Very good. SCARCE. SECOND EDITION, revised, corrected and enlarged of Berzelius's table of names, formulas and atomic weights of nearly 2000 chemical compounds. The work also presents the author's theories of chemical proportions and electrochemistry. "The table appended, greatly enlarged in this edition, mentions the atomic weights of all elements then known, besides those of a large number of inorganic compounds, and forms the first attempt at giving a complete list of atomic weights." Zeitlinger. Cole, Chemical literature, 144; DSB, II, p. 90; Partington, A history of chemistry, IV, pp. 153-158; Poggendorff, I, col. 173; Weeks and Leicester, Discovery of the elements (1968), p. 308; Zeitlinger, I, 6190. 
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15 BERZELIUS, Jöns Jacob. Jac. Berzelius Brev. Utgivna av Kungl. Svenska Vetenskapsakademien genom H.G. Söderbaum; Lettres ....
Uppsala, Sweden: Almquist & Wiksells, 1912-32. 
Fourteen volumes. 8vo. Various paginations. Frontispieces. Original blue printed wrappers; edges occasionally chipped, Vol. XI missing front cover with bookplate and ownership stamp of Einar Lönnberg at ffe. Very good. BERZELIUS’ LETTERS & CORRESPONDENCE: Includes Claude Louis Berthollet (1810-1822); Brefväxling Mellan Berzelius och Alexandre Marcet (1812-1822); Humphry Davy (1808-1825); P.L. Dulong (1819-1837); G.J. Mulder (1834-1847); Strödda Bref (1809-1847); William Hisinger (1804-1842); Johan Gottleib Gahn (1804-1818); C.A. Agardh (1819-1847); Nils Nordenskiöld (1817-1847); C.F. Rammelsberg (1838-1847); Eilhard Mitscherlich (1819-1847); Sven Nilsson (1819-1847). “Jöns Jacob Berzelius (1779-1848) was a Swedish chemist … [who] worked out the modern technique of chemical formula notation, and is together with John Dalton, Antoine Lavoisier, and Robert Boyle considered a father of modern chemistry.” [web-source]. 
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16 BLOCK, Walter (1883-). Messen und Wägen Ein Lehr- und Handbuch insbesondere für Chemiker. Mit einer Einleitung, Die historische Entwicklung der Messkunde und des Mass - und Gewichtswesens, von Fritz Plato.
Leipzig: Otto Spamer 1928 hardcover 8vo. VIII, 339 pp. 109 figs., index. Dark green cloth-backed paste- paper over bds.; shelf-worn, but a very good copy. Bookplate 
Leipzig:: Otto Spamer. 1928. hardcover. 8vo. VIII, 339 pp. 109 figs., index. Dark green cloth-backed paste-. paper over bds.; shelf-worn, but a very good copy. Bookplate of the. Bibliothek des Laboratoriums, Vienna, with related multiple rubber-. stamps (one on title). Very good.. 2 
Price: 75.00 USD
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17 BOLTON, Henry Carrington. A Select Bibliography of Chemistry 1492-1892. WITH: A Select Bibliography of Chemistry 1492-1897. First Supplement.
Washington, D. C.: Smithsonian Institution, 1893, 1899. 
First edition. Two volumes. Thick 8vo. xi, 1212; ix, 489 pp. Bibliog., index; uncut, lower margin water stained (supplement). Original printed wrappers; rear wrapper a remnant, front wrapper damp stained (affecting top of first few leaves) & worn. Supplement in later black cloth, gilt spine; trace of library call number on spine. Good. First Edition. 
Price: 85.00 USD
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18 BOLTWOOD, Bertram B. "Report on the Separation of Ionium and Actinium from Certain Residues and on the Production of Helium by Ionium." Offprint from: Proceedings of the Royal Society, A, vol. 85, 1911.
(London: Harrison and Sons, 1911). 
8vo. 77-81 pp. Original printed wrappers. Fine. 
Price: 8.00 USD
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19 BOLTWOOD, Bertram B. "The New Sterling Chemistry Laboratory of Yale University." Offprint from: Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, vol. 15, no. 3.
No place: no publisher, March 1923. 
8vo. 11 pp. Photos, floor plan. Printed wrappers. Fine. 
Price: 8.00 USD
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20 BONIN, Wulf von. Die Nobelpreisträger der Chemie; ein Kapitel Chemie-Geschichte.
Munich: Heinz Moos 1963 hardcover Series: Forum imaginum, 9. Sq. 8vo. 89 pp. Photos. Black cloth-backed pictorial boards. Fine. 
Munich:: Heinz Moos. 1963. hardcover. Series: Forum imaginum, 9. Sq. 8vo. 89 pp. Photos. Black cloth-backed. pictorial boards. Fine.. 1 
Price: 5.00 USD
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