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1 (ROBERTS, Arthur, editor). Bubble chambers and neutrino beams.... 1968 summer study in 3 volumes. [Vol. II]: Particle beams....
Batavia, Illinois: National Accelerator Laboratory, 1969. 1969 
Volumes one and two of three only. 210 x 162 mm. 8vo. x, 339; v, 341 pp. Figs., tables. Printed pictorial wrappers. Very good. 
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2 ACIOLI, J.L. & S.W. MacDOWELL. “The K+?3 and K+e3 Decay through a Current of Definite Isotopic Rank.”
Offprint from: Il Nuovo Cimento, Serie X, Vol. 24, 16 Maggio 1962. 1962 
pp. 606-613. (240 x 170 mm). 8 pp. 4 figs. Stapled pages. Very good. Summary: The energy distribution and polarization of muons and electrons are calculated assuming an interaction through a vector current of definite isospin character, and using form factors obtained by means of dispersion relations. The effect of the K* resonance is taken into account. The spectra, and to a lesser extent the polarization, are quite insensitive to this effect. 
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3 ADAMS, Edwin Plimpton. The Quantum Theory. Second edition. Revised and enlarged.
Washington, D.C.: The National Academy of Sciences, 1923. 
Series: Bulletin of the National Research Council, vol. 7, pt. 3, no. 39. Original printed wrappers; Kozo repairs to joints, spine and corners. Good+. 
Price: 25.00 USD
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4 AGASSI, Joseph. Radiation Theory and the Quantum Revolution.
Basel: Birkhäuser, 1993. 1993 081762905X / 9780817629052 
8vo. 178 pp. Index. Pictorial gray cloth; corner bumped. Very good copy. ISBN: 081762905X / 0-8176-2905-X 
Price: 75.00 USD
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5 AIZU, Ko. "General Theory of Particle Mixtures."
[Rome?]: CERN, Serie X, vol. 6, Nov. 1957. 1957 
8vo. pp. 1040-1051. Self-wraps; creased. Fine. Aizu was associated with the Dept. of Physics, Rikkyo University, Tokyo. 
Price: 25.00 USD
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6 ALBERT, David Z. Quantum mechanics and experience.
Cambridge, MA & London: Harvard University, (1993). 1993 
236 x 159 mm. 8vo. x, 206 pp. Illus., bibliog., index. Gray cloth, dust-jacket. Fine. 
Price: 15.00 USD
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7 ALLEN, James S. The Neutrino.
Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1958. 
8vo. viii, 168 pp. Figures (including on double-sided plate), diagrams, tables, index. Blue silver-stamped cloth, dust-jacket; extremities lightly rubbed. Ownership ink signature. Very good. [br] 
Price: 10.00 USD
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8 ALLEN, Leslie. Essentials of Lasers.
Oxford: Pergamon Press, (1969). 0080133193 / 9780080133195 
Series: Selected Readings in Physics (gen. ed. D. Ter Haar). 8vo. ix, 233 pp. Index. Printed wrappers. Fine. ISBN: 0080133193 / 0-08-013319-3 
Price: 7.00 USD
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9 ALTER, Anna; Philippe TESTARD-VAILLANT. “1913-1993 Spécial Anniversaire: 80 ans de Science et de Vie.” [including the following articles]: “1913-1923: les années Relativité; Révolution en physique; 1923-1933: Les années Terre; 1933-1943: Les années Atome; 1943-1953: Les années Transistor; 1953-1963 les années AND; 1963-1973: Les années Espace; 1973-1983: Les années Lucy; 1983-1993: Les années Ecologie.” [Article].
Paris: Science & Vie, 1993. 1993 
Series: Science & Vie, no. 908, May 1993. See: pp. 150-231. [We have the entire issue of 231 pages]. Illus. throughout (much color); waterstained. Original printed wrappers; worn. Good. Well-illustrated review of the scientific progress achieved by science in various major fields over an 80-year period: physics (relativity), psychology, chemistry, atomic physics, the transistor age & computers, biology and DNA, space flight, evolution and ecology. 
Price: 12.00 USD
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10 ALVAREZ, Luis W. (1911-1988); Felix BLOCH (1905-1983). A Quantitative Determination of the Neutron Moment in Absolute Nuclear Magnetons.
Lancaster, PA: American Physical Society, 1940. 
In: The Physical Review, Second Series, Volume 57, Jan. 1, June 15, 1940. pp. 111-122. 4to. (10.5 x 8 inches; 263 x 200mm). [whole volume]. x, 1,218 pp. Illus., index. Full green gilt-stamped buckram. Library bookplate. Very good. Alvarez, American experimental physicist, inventor, and professor at UC Berkeley, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1968, For his decisive contributions to elementary particle physics, in particular the discovery of a large number of resonant states, made possible through his development of the technique of using hydrogen bubble chambers and data analysis. Felix Bloch (1905 1983), Swiss physicist, schooled at the Cantonal Gymnasium in Zurich and at the Eidgenssische Technische Hochschule (ETHZ), then at Zurich =, where he studied under Peter Debye, Hermann Weyl, Erwin Schrdinger (Bloch was a classmate of John von Neumann), Wolfgang Pauli, Niels Bohr, and also Enrico Fermi, then for reasons of Hitlers Germany and being Jewish, he immigrated to the US and worked at both Stanford University and UC Berkeley. He and Edward Mills Purcell were each awarded the 1952 Nobel Prize for their development of new ways and methods for nuclear magnetic precision measurements. 
Price: 250.00 USD
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11 AMATI, Daniele, H. BACRY, J. NUYTS, & J. PRENTKI. "SU4 and Strong Interactions."
[n.p.]: Physics Letters, vol. 11, no. 2, July 15, 1964. 1964 
Offprint. Tall 8vo. pp. 190-192. Self-wraps. Very good. Amati is a distinguished Italian physicist who spent many influential years at CERN in Geneva. 
Price: 50.00 USD
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12 AMATI, Daniele, H. BACRY, J. NUYTS, & J. PRENTKI. SU4 and Strong Interactions.
[Rome?]: CERN, Serie X, vol. 34, Dec. 16, 1964. 1964 
8vo. pp. 1732-1750. Self-wraps. Fine. Amati is a distinguished Italian physicist who spent many influential years at CERN in Geneva. 
Price: 25.00 USD
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Dissertatio de Centro Gravitatis in Subsidium Suorum Discipulorum. [With]: Assertiones ex universa Physica et Mathesi Elememtari ..., AMBSCHELL, Anton [Antonio]; Martin JEELL.
13 AMBSCHELL, Anton [Antonio]; Martin JEELL. Dissertatio de Centro Gravitatis in Subsidium Suorum Discipulorum. [With]: Assertiones ex universa Physica et Mathesi Elememtari ...
Labaci, typis Egerianis, 1779. 
2 works in 1 volume. Sm. 8vo. [ii], 239; 40 pp. 2 large folding engraved plates. Original full mottled blind-ruled calf, spine flat-backed but with elaborate gilt tooling, edges red. EXTREMELY RARE. First and only editions. The first work deals with the center of gravity and the second relates to physics and mathematics. Stanislav Juznic & Bruno Besser write of Ambschells devoted support for Boscovich. Anton Ambschell (1749/51-1821), Jesuit, a physicist and mathematician, was born December 10, 1749 in Cirknica, and died July 14, 1821 in Bratislava. He was accepted into the Jesuit order in 1768, from 1773 he was professor of physics at the Ljubljana Jesuit Lyceum. He was deposed in 1785 as rector because of improper conduct by a professor of logic and metaphysics, Nowak, then to 1804 prof. physics and mechanics at the University of Vienna from 1809 onwards lector and canon in Bratislava, where he died. The Ljubljana Rector and later Viennese Professor Anton Ambschell promoted Boscovich in his textbooks which were famous for Ambschell and his teacher Herberts very first comparatively exact measurement of the water compressibility. The suppression of the Jesuit order obstructed the development of Boscovichs ideas but in no way removed them from the scientific or students scene. The first work is known in only one other copy in the National & University of Slovenia [WorldCat]. The second work, Assertiones ex universa Physica et Mathesi Elememtari, is held at two locations: National library information system of Slovenia, Maribor, and National and University Library [Narodna in univerzitetna knjiznica]. See: Juni?, Stanislav: Ambschell, Anton (17511821). Slovenska biografija. Znanstvenoraziskovalni center SAZU, 2013. Full title: Dissertatio de Centro Gravitatis in Subsidium Suorum Discipulorum. [With]: Assertiones ex universa Physica et Mathesi Elememtari [sic] quas in aula Academica archiducalis gymnasii Labacensis ex praelectionibus Martini Jeell ... Antonii Ambschell ... mense Augusto ... anno MDCCLXXIX. propugnabit ... Wolfgangus Muha Carn. Corgnial. ... auditor. [PLEASE CONTACT DIRECT FOR FURTHER INFORMATION]. 
Price: 1800.00 USD
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14 ANDERSON David L. "Resource Letter ECAN-1 on the Electronic Charge and Avogadro's Number." Preprint from American Journal of Physics, vol. 34, no. 1, Jan. 1966.
No place: American Journal of Physics, 1966. 1966 
4to. Self-wraps; creased, 3-holed punched. Very good. Anderson was with and Dept. of Physics, Oberlin College. 
Price: 40.00 USD
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15 ANDERSON, James L. "Field-theory Restrictions on the Unification of Space-Time and Internal Symmetries." Reprint from The Physical Review, vol. 139, no. 1B, B155-158, 12 July, 1965.
No place: The Physical Review, 1965. 1965 
4to. Self-wraps. Creased. Very good. James L. Anderson was associated with the Dept. of Physics, Stevens Inst. of Technology, Hoboken, NJ. 
Price: 40.00 USD
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16 ANDRADE, Edward Neville da Costa (b. 1887). The structure of the atom.
London: G. Bell & Sons, 1927. 1927 
Third edition, revised and enlarged. 8vo. xviii, 750 pp. 114 figs., tables, 1 folding color-highlighted plate, index. Navy cloth, gilt-stamped spine title; rubbed, spine a bit darkened. Bookplate of William Lawrence Bragg. Very good. Provenance: William Lawrence Bragg (1890-1971) shared the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1915 with his father, William Henry Bragg (1862-1942), “… for their services in the analysis of crystal structure by beans of X-rays.” Wasson, Nobel Prize winners, pp. 137-39. 
Price: 75.00 USD
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17 ANDRADE, Edward Neville da Costa. Rutherford and the Nature of the Atom.
New York: Doubleday Anchor, (1960). 
Sm. 8vo. xix, 218 pp. Illus., figs., index. Paperback. Very good. 
Price: 5.00 USD
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18 ANGEL, Roger B. Relativity: The Theory and its Philosophy.
Oxford: Pergamon Press, (1980). 008025196X / 9780080251967 
Series: Foundations & philosophy of science & technology Series. 8vo. x, 259 pp. Diagrams, figures, index. Original red, white and gray printed wrappers. Near fine. [br] ISBN: 008025196X Contains the mathematical and physical tools to enable an informed and independent assessment of the philosophical claims based on the theory of relativity. 
Price: 75.00 USD
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19 ARAKI, Gentaro. (9 offprints). Includes: ARAKI. "Production and Capture of Pseudoscalar Mesons."
Tokyo: The Inst. of Physical and Chemical Research, Komagome, Hongo, Oct. 1941. 1941 Signed
Reprinted from Scientific Papers of the Inst. of Physical and Chemical Research, no. 1050, vol. 39, pp. 14-27. 8vo. Printed wrappers. Fine. Araki was a noted Japanese nuclear physicist who specialized in the study of Mesons, and was associated with the Dept. of Industrial Chemistry, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan. AUTHOR'S PRESENTATION COPY, with printed clause on front cover. WITH: ARAKI. Magnetic Moment and Virtual Dissociation of Nuclear Particle. Osaka, Japan: Akitaya, 1946. Series: Progress of Theoretical Physics, vol. 1, no. 1, July 1946. 8vo. 12 pp. Printed wrappers. Fine. INSCRIBED BY THE AUTHOR. After a comparison of the rates of mesotron decay and capture by Yukawa and Okayama, Akari and Tomonaga improved upon the results "by taking into account the very different effect of the Coulomb field of the nucleus on slow mesotrons of opposite sign." Twentieth Century Physics, vol. I, p. 406. Full list provided on request. 
Price: 650.00 USD
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20 ASCOLI, Von R., & Werner HEISENBERG. "Zur Quantentheorie nichtlinearer Wellengleichungen. IV. Elecktrodynamik."
Offprint from: Tübingen: Zeitschrift für Naturforschung, Band 12 a, heft 3, 1957. 1957 
4to. (177)-187 pp. Self-wraps. Very good. Heisenberg is famous for his work on quantum theory, and his founding of quantum mechanics. He won the 1932 Nobel Prize for physics. 
Price: 100.00 USD
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